Get Involved

See the Local Earth Community Calendar for event details…

Check out the Daily Opportunity for personal inspiration and action!

Join us for our weekly Local Earth meetings on Transition Tuesday to collaborate on local projects focused on creating health and sustainability in our community.

Celebrate with us on the First Friday of every month at the Local Earth Social.  This is an evening of inspiration, creativity, education & celebration!  Enjoy tasty, organic local food, talented local musicians and a thought-provoking presentation focused on healthy & sustainability.

Enjoy an inspirational & educational film with us on the Second Saturday of each month for Community Movie Night!  We will host a community discussion after the film guided towards taking action in our local communities and inspiring positive change.

Community Action Groups meet on the Third Thursday of the month for further planning, development and implementation of local projects  Each action group has one specific focus such as food, water, shelter/building, energy or economics.

Participate in our Annual Community Building Celebrations on the winter/summer solstices and fall/spring equinoxes.  These are fun and engaging events with interactive workshops and creative performances by local artists.  The events will be focused on topics such as permaculture, natural building, organic agriculture, local currency and renewable energy.


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