Dana Middle School Nutrition & Garden Education Program


Dana Middle School Nutrition and Garden Education Program
Local Earth is working with the Dana Middle School to help implement the Nourish curriculum.  This curriculum actively engages middle school students in a meaningful conversation about food and food systems.  The activities give students opportunities to reflect on current food practices, to explore more sustainable ones, and to link their learning to relevant action.  In addition to teaching the Nourish curriculum Local Earth is working to build a garden and composting system on school grounds to provide a hands on learning experience for students and teachers.  As part of the garden program Local Earth hopes to demonstrate the full cycle of food by composting cafeteria waste into rich soil which will be used to grow healthy organic produce that the students can eat.

Local Earth Dana Middle School Interns
Local Earth is looking for two interns to be part of the Dana Middle School Nutrition and Garden Education Program.  Interns will be involved with teaching the Nourish curriculum and working with students, teachers, and the local community in the Dana Middle School garden.  Teaching experience is desired, but not necessary.  However a love of earth’s natural systems, children, gardening and good food are a must.  Interns must provide a clean LiveScan and pass a TB test prior to working on school grounds.

For more information contact: (please Cc Josh)
Brian Blum: brian@local-earth.org // 631 599 1207
Jenny Schmidt: plobgardens@gmail.com // 619 997 3076
Josh Alvord: josh@local-earth.org


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