San Diego CommUNITY Gardening Project

[Food is Free & Grows Everywhere!]


Mission: Providing affordable local organic food to the community of Ocean Beach / San Diego / World.

Vision:  Uniting the community of San Diego around our shared desire for healthy, local, organic food.  Turning our city, communities and neighborhoods into a garden.  Planting seeds… singing songs… and implementing garden projects that lead to healthy local sources of organic food in our community.  Connecting like-minded individuals and organizations that are providing food for the people!

Community Implementation Strategy
The goal is to develop an effective model that can be easily replicated in any community.  We will begin our first model in Ocean Beach.  Once we have worked out the necessary systems and the model is efficiently functioning, we will replicate the model in other communities throughout San Diego.

Hub Garden & Community Resource Center (public)
The hub garden is the central garden and serves as a community resource center with shared tools, information and supplies.  This is a centrally located garden on public property that hosts community training and education programs.

Neighborhood Gardening, Yardshare & Compost Network (shared private/public)
This is a network of community members who share their private lawns to plant gardens.  The community works together to establish systems and guidelines to cooperatively grow local organic food in our neighborhoods.

Home Gardens (private residence)
Supporting local homes and families with educations, skills and tools to begin a home garden.  Some residents do not feel comfortable having people that they do not know working in their garden on a frequent basis (like the yardshare program).  For these families we work together to help prepare the soil and garden.  The ‘home gardeners’ do participate in the skillshare, toolshare & timeshare facets of the community gardening project.

Karma Gardens (public)
The goal is to utilize public space, mostly fallow plots of land next to roads and in and around the city, to grow food for anyone interested in enjoying locally grown organic food.  Teams of volunteers will coordinate and collaborate with homeowners, businesses and community members to determine appropriate locations for a garden conversion.  We will fundraise, as appropriate, to gather the necessary materials to change our urban landscape into one of abundance.  Signage will specify that it is a Karma garden connected to  In the spirit of keeping positive Karma flowing everyone has the opportunity to give & receive.

Community Food Mapping & Drop Box (private & public)
Working together to map the sources of food in our community including fruit trees, gardens and drop boxes.  Establishing a system for local neighbors and residents to harvest fruit trees in private and public spaces throughout the community.  The Community Food Drop Box is a neighborhood drop off point and food access point for fruit and vegetables that would otherwise be going to waste or not be harvested.  (we are currently seeking local web developers and technologist with an interest in this project to help us create an open-source platform for food mapping and creating local community resource lists… if you are interested or know anyone who may be… please contact us!!!)

Interfaith CommUNITY Garden Program
Working together with all faiths and religious organizations to support local access to healthy food for those who need it.  Working together with local religious organizations to establish a community program where homeless and unemployed citizens can volunteer in the community gardening programs in exchange for agricultural training and community cooked meals with produce from the gardens.  Promoting harmony and cooperation amongst various faiths in support of the community as a whole.

CommUNITY Share Program

  • toolshare
  • skillshare
  • timeshare

School Integration (elementary/middle/high school) seeds/sprouts/saplings
Working together with local schools to create hands-on educational experiences for the children.

City Council Integration
Working together with the municipalities and City Council to make sure our community values in support of healthy local food are represented in our local government.

Organizational Alliance
Working with and partnering with like-minded local organizations and individuals that are in support of sustainable community development.


Planting Seeds with the Local Earth Collective… Singing Songs… Growing together as commUNITY!!!


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