The Yoga Tree

Local Earth Yoga Alliance / The Yoga Tree

… commUNITY yoga…

The Yoga Tree – A community yoga program that cultivates optimum health in relationship to self, community and nature.  Inspiring healthy, happy and sustainable local community.

Seva / CommUNITY Yoga
Every week the Local Earth Collective offers 1 free community yoga class on the Saratoga lawn in Ocean Beach.  The class is open to anyone and everyone in the San Diego community.  We specifically hope to reach some of the local population who is currently homeless or out of work.

The Local Earth Yoga Alliance
A network of local yoga studios that offer 1 donation-based class per week/month and donate a percentage of the money to Local Earth to support community projects based in health and sustainability.  (Current projects include community and neighborhood gardens that provide local organic food for the community, as well as training & education programs for low-income citizens)  The Yoga Tree Program will set an intention for each week’s classes and share that intention with the network of alliance studios.


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