Local Earth Handbook

Growing your own Local Earth Community Action Group

Get involved with your community!  If you check the calendar & there is no Local Earth group in your community… contact us and get one started!


To connect individuals, organizations and groups in the local area with a shared common goal of health and sustainability for the community. To improve communication and information about relevant local projects & events. Inspire local individuals to get involved with the health, happiness and sustainability of their community. To support & implement Local Action Groups!

***Note!*** It is simple, easy and fun to get Local Earth seeds sprouting in your community! To begin with it is just a few casual social gatherings with the intention of bringing people together with shared interests. From here we nurture the soil and allow projects and collaboration to unfold organically! You can get started with a small team of 2 or 3 people.

Local Earth Team

Community Coordinator – Coordinating all individuals and organizations involved with the shared Local Earth vision (healthy, happy & sustainable community). Coordinating Monthly Social Gathering & Transition Tuesdays (with assistance from Event Coordinator). Coordinating local projects & action groups.

Communications Coordinator/Team (1-3 persons) – Updating the calendar, blog, social media & email list. Establishing & maintaining communication with local organizations, action groups & interested individuals. Work with the Newsletter Coordinator to distribute a monthly Local Earth Newsletter (on the 1st of every month).

Events Coordinator/Team (1-3 persons) – Assist the Community Coordinator with planning and logistics of Monthly Social Gathering and Transition Tuesdays.

Action Group Coordinator/Team (1-3 persons) – Coordinate, plan and host monthly Action Group Meeting in alignment with specific interest.

Newsletter Coordinator/Team (1-3 persons) – Coordinate monthly newsletter to be distributed on the 1st of every month. Newsletter will give updates of accomplishments of prior month and list all upcoming events and projects for the upcoming month. Work with Communication Coordinator to stay up-to-date on all local organizations in the area to promote their upcoming projects for that month.

Local Earth Schedule

Monthly Social Gathering (1st Saturday) – A social event to bring community together in celebration, food, conscious discussion & inspiration. One of the most simple events is a community potluck with an inspiring film. The entertainment portion of the gathering is focused on health and sustainability in the community. The creative facet of the gathering can be anything that follows the guidelines of; inspiring, thought-provoking & educational.

Transition Tuesdays (weekly) – A casual and fun evening of discussion about the health & resilience of the local community. This is held at fun public location where participants can enjoy a snack, tea, coffee or beer while discussing local projects & issues.

Action Group Meetings (frequent)– Monthly community meetings focused on specific areas of interest.  Action Groups can meet at the same time & place each month; or hold their meetings at various times & locations. (ie. food, water, shelter/building, economy, energy, waste management, natural resource management, transportation, politics, wellness/health, reskilling, community visioning/planning & art)

Planting Seeds… Singing Songs… Growing Together as Community!


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