Local Earth Festival

~Inspired by Love for our Planet & ALL Beings on it~

“It is possible that the next Buddha will not take the form of an individual.  The next Buddha may take the form of a community – a community practising understanding and loving kindness, a community practicing mindful living.  This may be the most important thing we can do for the survival of the earth” – Thich Nhat Hanh

Vision – The Local Earth Festival is an annual celebration of community and nature; inspiring citizens of the world to create resilient local communities & healthy lifestyles.

What – A seven day celebration of natural building, permaculture, music, art, health and yoga; bringing together passionate individuals who have the desire to actively learn and share.  Full days of building, planting, playing and exploring will be followed with a delicious family style meal.  Festivities of music, dance and performance will kick off each evening after dinner!  The world’s most knowledgeable and respected permaculturists, natural builders and organic agriculturists will share with us tools for sustainable living; while brilliantly talented musicians, yoga teachers and artists inspire our souls in the celebration of life!  Free time is planned into the schedule for participants to explore the amazing natural beauty surrounding the festival; waterfalls, rain-forest, pristine beaches & amazing surf!

Why – Our present human behaviors & societal systems are leading to environmental degradation, rapid depletion of natural resources, alarming loss of plant & animal biodiversity, failing economic systems and political instability.  Our collective actions have resulted in unsustainable population growth, sky-rocketing consumption rates, unrealistic energy demands and dependency on fossil fuels.*

“In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model. You create a new model and make the old one obsolete.” – Richard Buckminster Fuller

Local Earth inspires us to come together as community; and work together as a team to address both the local & global challenges we are facing as a society.  With creativity, cooperation & collaboration we can create innovative and viable solutions; we can not do this alone.  *Added Bonus – It is more fun & feels good to work together as a community!*

The Local Earth Festival provides a nurturing environment & a fresh canvas for those who are seeking a new way of life!  Local Earth promotes a lifestyle that is simple, vibrant and connected to nature.  The festival offers those of us in a fast-paced, complex and modern culture with an opportunity to explore life in a deep & fulfilling way.

How – Through celebration & education we provide participants with the tools and training necessary for cocreating an environmentally sustainable society.  Hands-on workshops & interactive classes empower the participants with the skills needed to build new living-systems & models for ecologic community development.

Every year people travel from all around the world to a barren desert in the middle of nowhere to build an avant-garde community for 60,000 people; the community is then destroyed at the end of the week.  What if a fraction of the time, energy and resources that are committed to Burning Man every year, were focused on the construction of an innovative community that remains, sustains and thrives!?  Can we imagine what that may look like?!  The Local Earth Festival is here to inspire the world with new possibilities, progressive examples of responsible living and forward-thinking solutions to the challenges facing us today!

The 2013 festival will focus on the construction of a Resource Center for the community of Pavones, Costa Rica.  We will work with local community leaders and the citizens of Pavones to build a sustainability hub for the Southwestern region of Costa Rica.  The center will provide the people of the region with information on natural building, permaculture, organic agriculture, healthy lifestyle & conscious community development.   The center will provide the community with tools, a tool-share program, a skill-share program and a multi-media library.

The center will be naturally constructed with locally sourced & sustainably harvested materials (passive solar heating/cooling, natural day-lighting, rainwater catchment, composting toilets & grey water system).  The potential building systems include a combination of superadobe, bamboo, cobb, waddle & daub, adobe & strawbale.  The potential program elements include a community kitchen (rocket-stoves with locally sourced fuel), conference area, short-term living space (dormitory/hostel), bathing area, cafe (internet / organic local food & beverage), social/performance space, relaxing/zen lounge and a community garden.

Who – “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” – Hopi Elders.  Local Earth participants are the ones we’ve been waiting for!  We are bringing together the brightest leaders, specialists, visionaries and educators; and matching them with those who are hungry to learn!  We are listening to the native teachings that have been shared with us for centuries, and making decisions that will benefit our children seven generations into the future.

Local Earth participants are those who have the courage to allow love and wisdom to lead the way!  We are planning for approximately 300 attendees the first year; with the possibility of growing the following years.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

The Local Earth Organizing Team is composed of dedicated global citizens who are committed to ‘Being the Change’, Living the Change & Inspiring the Change’!  If you are interested in joining the team… please contact us!

The festival is connected to a global grassroots campaign that is taking root in local communities all around planet.  The Community Resilience Program is a community lead education program that supports the Local Earth philosophy.  There are currently Community Action Groups forming in California, Oregon, Colorado, Costa Rica, Haiti & Switzerland.

Where – The festival will be held in the community of Pavones, Costa Rica in 2013.  The festival will most likely be held in Pavones for the first several years.  The project construction will vary each year from that of a Community Resource Center, an Ecovillage or a Green School.  The festival location each year will be dependent on the project focus.

When – The first festival will take place in March of 2013.  The exact date of the annual festival will depend on the climate & location of each years festival.  We will potentially be collaborating with the Envision Festival; in this case the dates will be the week following Envision.  We are fortunate to be alive at this unique moment in history where the fusion of indigenous wisdom & technology is possible.  We have the opportunity to build a tipi that is solar powered, a superadobe dome with naturally conditioned air temperatures & a yurt with wifi!

We invite you to join us for what could be one of the most inspiring and life changing experiences of your life!

Collaborative Global Team
This is an open-source creation developed by a diverse collection of individuals and organizations.  Below is a list with some of the desired partnering organizations and individuals whom we hope will be joining us in this endeavor.  The invitation is open to any individual or organization interested in supporting an environmentally sustainable and socially just presence on this planet.  We invite you to join us!!

Organization Invite
(this is a list of organizations we would be honored to collaborate with!)
United Nations
Future Generations
University for Peace
EarthFlow Design Works – Permaculture for Humanity
International Living Future Institute
The Living Building Challenge
Institute for the Future
Gaia Education
Cal-Earth Institute
Pachamama Alliance
Transition Town Movement
International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers
Green School
Global Ecovillage Network
Venus Project
The World Wide Permaculture Network
Visionary Culture Radio
Zeitgeist Movement
City Repair
Habitat for Humanity
Architecture for Humanity
Occidental Arts & Ecology Center
Solar Living Institute
Patagonia 1% for the Planet
Burning Man Organization
The Buckminster Fuller Institute
Earthship Biotecture
…. and many others…

Artist Invite
(this is a list of artists we would be honored to collaborate with!)
Michael Franti
Jack Johnson
Ben Harper
Beth Preston
Xavier Rudd
Jason Mraz
Brett Dennen
John Butler Trio
Make Peace Brothers
MC Yogi
… and many others….

… Welcome to Local Earth… Welcome Home …


2 thoughts on “Local Earth Festival

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  2. Hello hello
    Its Cassiopeia here, I had contacted the Local Earth crew a few months ago hoping to arrange to perform some music and take part in the wonders of this amazing festival! I had recieved an email reply a month or so ago and just wanted to check in and see if any further plans had developed for dates and location, as well as if it will be possible to be a musical performer!
    My music website is http://cassiopeialight.bandcamp.com
    If you could give me a shout back through email that would be awesome!
    Thanks a bunch

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