Community Visioning Playshop

The Local Earth Vision

the Art of Community Vision & Design

Intention: An interactive, physically embodied, collaborative community design experience.  An opportunity for all participants to creatively engage in the process of envisioning a community they feel would most optimally support them in a healthy, happy and thriving life. The playshop lengths vary from 2 hours to 4 days; consisting of inspirational collaborative exercises and various methods of group communication.

Empowering participants with pathways to begin shaping communities that resonate with their heart and authentically reflect their core values.  The pathways encompass the whole spectrum of personal action and collective creation.  We offer personal steps of action that we can take in our current community, as well as facilitating the collective creation of Ecovillages and Cohousing communities.

Agenda:  2 hour design/visioning experience.  

Open Space:  Focusing question being used to establish core community values.  “What are the core issues most important to us/me for health and happiness in our/my community?”

Context: The container and trajectory of this workshop is shaped by the community members who participate.  We will be exploring sustainable design methodologies in relation to both local and global community environments.  This 2 hour workshop will be evolving into a 4 day workshop/event at the Envision Festival in Costa Rica (March 1-4, 2012).  The visioning workshop is in preparation to launch the Local Earth Festival and initial planning for the 1st Local Earth Community/Ecovillage (March –  2013).

“May users of this education find joy in living in the present just as it is; and with the
knowledge they have acquired, go on to seed ecologically viable, economically productive, socially just, and spiritually transforming solutions into their home communities. May peace, love, and compassion guide your every action.”

– Gaia Education

Pathways of Creation…


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