Local Earth

All facets of Local Earth Vision, Alliance & Agreement

Local Earth – Building a healthy relationship to the Earth and all beings.  Creating local and global networks of individuals, community groups, organizations and businesses that share common values.  Members of the Alliance support, educate and inspire one another in accountability to the Agreement.  Our Message is conveyed with more strength when our voices and actions are united.  Local Earth provides citizens of the world with an opportunity to creatively and collaboratively focus our energy towards the creation of a healthy and ecologically sustainable planet.

Local Earth Campaign – A global campaign cultivating healthy local lifestyles in relationship to self, others & the Earth.

Local Earth Message– Care for the planet, Care for all beings, focus all energy into upholding these values. (permaculture philosophy and methodology) Optimal health in relationship to self, others and the Earth.

Local Earth Agreement –  An agreement of personal and community action, vision and intention that unites all facets of the Local Earth Alliance.

Local Earth Alliance – A network of aligned individuals, groups and organizations that pledge to support the Local Earth Agreement.

  • Individuals
  • Community Groups
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Businesses
  • Intentional Communities & Ecovillages

Local Earth Handbook & Community Resilience Program – Simple step-by-step handbook teaching people how to start a Local Earth Community Action Group. A guidebook for local grassroots eco-community action and organizing.  Empowering individuals with information and tools for personal development and group action.

Local Earth Community Design & Visioning Playshop – An interactive, physically embodied, collaborative community design experience.  An opportunity for all participants to creatively engage in the process of envisioning a community they feel would most optimally support them in a healthy, happy and thriving life. This workshop varies from 2 hours to 4 days, consisting of inspirational collaborative exercises and various methods of group communication.

Local Earth Festival – Annual 7 day permaculture and natural building festival.  Bringing together visionaries, sustainability gurus, life students, thought leaders and free thinkers from all corners of the globe.  Interactive workshops, organic food, music, art and celebration of community.  Project and workshops designed to build the first Local Earth Village for 100-150 people.

Local Earth Village/Community (Costa Rica) – Designing and building the most forward-thinking ecologically designed community on the planet (community will be 100 – 150 people based on Dunbar’s number).  Idea that this model of 100-150 can be replicated in various locations around the world and incorporated into city planning/urban planning solutions.  We aspire to include this project/social experiment in the Living Building/Community Challenge (https://ilbi.org/) The project currently has access to 4 ½ acres in the Southwestern portion of Costa Rica with available surrounding land for sale.

Local Earth Community Network –  A global network of Ecovillages and educations hubs that support the Local Earth Agreement.  The network will begin in Costa Rica with focus on the 1st Local Earth Community/Ecovillage (3-6 years).  When the model is working efficiently the methodologies and design principles will be replicated in other locations around the world.

Local Earth Caravan – Creative community outreach and education for youth and families.  A travelling team of theatrical performance artists, acroyogis, magicians and musicians that share principles of permaculture through fun, interactive and collaborative educational experiences.  The caravan creates children’s books, games and educational exercises; and facilitates the Community Design & Visioning Playshops.  The Local Earth Caravan inspires participants to live life with a healthy relationship to self, others and the Earth.

Local Earth Conscious Arts & Ecologic Living Centers  – Community Centers of education and inspiration offering classes, workshops, playshops and environmentally conscious social gatherings.  The centers serve as local sustainability hubs promoting all organizations and groups in area working towards a healthier future.  In synergy with the ecologic living components; there is a simultaneous priority of creative inspiration, artistic expression and celebration of life.  The living centers offer a space to expand consciousness and creative potential through practices of acrobatics, dance, circus play, music, yoga, meditation and martial arts.

Local Earth Cafe – Cafe with coffee/tea and locally sourced organic foods.  Works in partnership with the Arts & Ecologic Living Center.  The structure itself built with simple natural building technologies and local materials (cobb, superadobe, strawbale etc.)


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