Roots Immersion (Organic Gardening)

See Calendar for upcoming workshops.

Learn with creativity and passion the basics of organic gardening from ‘Papa Earth’!  Mark Boyko has over 35 years of garden and nursery experience he will be sharing with us!  This will be sun and fun-filled workshop with vast amounts of knowledge to be shared from a master gardener.  We will be learning hands-on the fundamentals of organic gardening, composting and providing local sources of nutritious food (We will be getting dirty!).  There is a good chance a bit of yoga, music and celebration will finds its way into the Roots Immersion as well.  Join this grassroots movement of re-skilling our local community, living more sustainably and getting in touch with Mother Nature!

Week 1 – Designing in Harmony with Nature & Creating Fertile Soil…

  • observation of site and surrounding environment
  • garden design basics (climate, orientation, natural elements etc)
  • develop a site specific project and implementation plan
  • clearing of the site
  • soil composition
  • garden bed & compost preparation
  • re-mineralization (mulching, rock-dust, seaweed)
  • vermiculture (worm castings)
  • environmentally appropriate plant selection

Week 2 – Planting Seeds…

  • basics of planting from seeds & starters
  • planting mechanics and fundamentals
  • drip irrigation application and methods

Week 3 – Singing Songs… Nurturing our Garden & Soul!

  • water management
  • natural methods of integrated pest management
  • LIVING organics
  • Presence, LOVE & Celebration!!! (music & potluck 1:00 – 3:00)

Information & Details

See Calendar for upcoming workshops.

Email: for Information (760 805 8895)


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