Get Involved

Growing your own Local Earth Community Action Group

Get involved with your community!  If you check the calendar & there is no Local Earth group in your community… contact us and get one started!


Community Gathering

TreeKaya and Local Earth are simply about creating, building and collaborating with our local community. We host weekly gatherings, social events, collaborative art & music projects, films, classes, workshops, meetings and expert guest speakers. Sharing our collective community wisdom & knowledge!

We work together as a community and we celebrate together as friends!  Our social gatherings are celebrations of fun, food and music. While our meetings are solution oriented work sessions on specific community projects or topics.

Here are some of our upcoming community events… potlucks, beach bonfires, community murals and collaborative art projects, presentations on renewable energy, nutrition classes, yoga classes, meditation, workshops on sustainable living practices, community meetings on environmental conservation and use of our natural resources, communication-based meetings with our local government to make sure our opinions and thoughts are being accurately represented by our city officials, spoken-word and poetry readings accompanied by local musicians, natural building projects and community gardens… just to name a few!

If you have questions or are interested in hosting a community event please contact us! If there are no Local Earth gatherings in your community … get in touch with us and we will help you organize a local group! Treekaya is a simple grassroots local model of community organizing that can be implemented on a global scale!

Email: to find more information about starting a local group!

Community Social

These gatherings are about meeting new friends in the community, celebrating and having fun!

  • potluck
  • bonfire
  • food
  • music
  • film
  • art
  • dance
  • friends

Community Health

These gatherings are about raising the Health of our community as a whole! Learning from one another and sharing our collective knowledge about healthy lifestyles and nutrition.

  • nutrition
  • organic gardening
  • yoga
  • meditation

CommUNITY SustainabiliTEA

These gatherings are focused on the creation of a well-balanced local community. The goal is to empower us as individuals with the skills and knowledge to plan and develop our towns in a more sustainable manner. Collectively we will guide our communities towards more healthy and localized food sources, economies and natural building practices.

  • renewable energy infrastructure
  • local organic food source
  • natural resource conservation
  • permaculture design principles
  • natural building practices and materials
  • waste, recycling and composting
  • resource based economics
  • healthy communication (nonviolent)


These gatherings are an opportunity for our community to come together and creatively express ourselves! These are collaborative art projects with an infusion of mixed-media. We invite everyone in the community to express yourself in whatever manner you choose!

  • music
  • dance
  • painting
  • poetry
  • photography
  • singing
  • pottery

Simple Daily Activities – Be the Change Daily Opportunity 

The TreeKaya team invites you to participate in just ONE of the daily challenges per week. This is an invitation for each of us to begin right NOW with simple things we can do in our homes and local communities. We are all working together as ONE tribe towards a healthy and well-balanced world. These are our first steps in an exciting and rewarding adventure!

Potluck & Music

This is a social gathering of fun, food and music where ‘everyone brings something to the table‘. We do this potluck style and pick a theme for a meal where everyone brings some ingredient/dish to add to the collective feast. After this we play music together… and don’t worry… this is not a formal music jam only for skilled musicians. This is a musical community celebration based upon harmonizing our hearts with joy, drums, tambourines, shakers, maracas, spoons, hands and anything else that makes a sound. The music, sound and fun is a vehicle for us to connect with friends in our community… connecting with our local tribes. Together we shake, rattle and roll to the collective tribal pulse and heartbeat of mother earth! During this whole evening there is time for open discussion amongst everyone about what is going on in our local community and what Local Earth projects are happening.

the h’Art of Peace

This is our collaborative community art project night. We all come together for a few hours and let our creativity and imaginations go wild! The project changes every time and everyone is invited to suggest ideas on what to do next time. The project always ties into something that will benefit our local community and support the Local Earth vision. For example, we may connect our h’Art project with a local school or charity project.

Conscious Community Film Night

We invite you and your friends to gather at a comfortable home in your neighborhood to eat popcorn and watch a movie together. We have a list of films (some available for free on the Internet) pertaining to conscious lifestyle, sustainable communities, indigenous wisdom, leading edge science, food justice, resource conservation, human rights etc. The film will always be something inspiring and educational in support of creating a healthy world. (link to free movies)

Community Council

This is the night where we activate our minds and get our hands dirty… we delve deeply into the muck of world concerns and arise with wisdom and innovative ideas. This is a gathering for the members of the tribe who really want to engage in deep discussion and planning about how our Local Earth team can help create a more sustainable local community, world and society. Everyone brings a notebook and a pencil; and we dig into the current challenging situations facing our local community and the planet at large. We also discuss what our next monthly volunteer project is going to be (info below).

‘Just Be’ Meditation

In coordination with our Thursday – Just Be – Daily Challenge of silence from 7:30 – 8:30 PM… we invite you to gather with friends at a home in your local community for an hour of meditation and friendship. We get together at 7:00 for 30 minutes of sharing our visions and inspiration. We then sit together in silence for 30 minutes … focusing our collective energy on a healthy and harmonious world. Be the Change

Monthly Joint Volunteer Project Being of service to our greater community

One day per month we gather as friends in the community to volunteer with another local nonprofit on a joint project. This is our Karma yoga, and our way of living the truth that we are all connected. This is a fun day of putting the gloves on and getting to work! We may be digging in the dirt, planting seeds, building structures, serving food at the soup kitchen… who knows?! Yet guaranteed, it will be a beautiful day of bonding with local friends … and going to sleep that night knowing you participated in something of great value to your community. This project is based upon anything that empowers and unites our local community – i.e. food justice, resource conservation, environmental cleanup, humanitarian efforts, affordable housing, disadvantaged youth, public education etc… anything that gets us involved in the bigger picture of things.

Monthly Speaker / Specialist Presentation

Once a month we host a special guest speaker / presentation. This is a local specialist in something related to sustainable living, renewable energy, permaculture, organic gardening, nutritional diet, energy saving practices or intentional community design. The venues for these presentations alternate each month. We sometimes schedule the events in a public venue; or it can be as simple as hosting a guest speaker in your living room and inviting your neighbors to attend.

Full Moon Celebration

This is an opportunity for community & friends to come together & celebrate life on the full moon of each month!  Through play & celebration we explore the energy of guided movement, yoga, dance, fire-spinning, love, joy and meditation combined with music, drumming, singing & a bonfire. This is an invitation to release all the struggles, stresses and worries of life… to take a few deep breathes… and celebrate with the Local Earth Tribe!


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