Local Earth Vision

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

– Margaret Mead

Vision –  An active team of local individuals & communities that care about the health, happiness & sustainability of our world!  Local Earth members support a global campaign cultivating healthy lifestyles in relationship to self, community & Planet.

Why –
Let’s take a real look at our global community, and ask ourselves how we got here?!  Our present human behaviors are leading to environmental degradation, rapid depletion of natural resources, alarming loss of plant & animal biodiversity, failing economic systems and political instability.  Our collective actions have resulted in unsustainable population growth, sky-rocketing consumption rates, unrealistic energy demands and dependency on fossil fuels.*

Local Earth inspires us to come together as community; and work together as a team to address both the local & global challenges we are facing as a society.  With creativity, cooperation & collaboration we can create innovative and viable solutions; we can not do this alone.  *Added Bonus – It is more fun & feels good to work together as a community!*

What – 
Local Earth is a global campaign led by activated local citizens to create communities with a healthy balance of self-reliance and interdependence.  The platform is providing people in every neighborhood, town and country around the world the ability to work together towards a common vision; a healthy, happy and environmentally sustainable planet.

How –
The Community Resilience Program is designed to inspire, educate, empower and activate local citizens.  The Local Earth Handbook is a step-by-step guide to sustainable transition in existing communities; and forward-thinking solutions for future community development.  

Who – 
Local Action Groups are formed by inspired members who have a burning desire to create positive change in a specific area.  The Community Action Plan offers simple ways for people in any community to get involved with meaningful local projects.  The Handbook empowers anyone-anywhere with the necessary information, guidance and tools to get a Local Earth Action Group started in their community.

Where –
Local Earth is a global campaign intended to inspire sustainable local action in communities everywhere! There is currently Local Earth activity in California, Colorado, Oregon, Montana, Haiti, Costa Rica & Switzerland.

When  –
Our pilot community has been in action for over a year now in San Diego, CA.  Soley Leve is a community development project in Cite Soleil, Haiti that has been forming for the last several months. Local Earth projects in Costa Rica, Switzerland & other US States are currently being developed.  The Local Earth Festival in Costa Rica is intended to kick-off in March of 2013!

Local Earth

Conscious Community Development & Personal Empowerment

Local Earth Agreement
Respect for…

  • Self
  • Others
  • Earth

Core Principles

  • Awareness
  • Inspiration
  • Education
  • Empowerment
  • Action

Methodologies for Community Support & Development

  • Strengthening existing community: inspiring & supporting communication amongst existing groups & organizations
  • Connecting existing community: inspiring & supporting collaboration amongst existing groups & organizations
  • Observing human behaviors & conditions:  research of patterns and other factors that lead to both positive & negative results within community
  • Activating citizens:  advocacy, awareness, education and empowerment to promote positive action
  • Creating new models for community:  research-based development of systems and solutions for a healthy, happy, and sustainable society

Community Resilience Program

Steps for moving forward as community towards a healthy, happy & sustainable world.

Community Action Plan – A blueprint for building strength & resilience in local communities with awareness, inspiration, creativity, education, empowerment & ACTION!

  • Awakening the Dreamer Symposiums – Interactive transformational workshops that inspire participants to play a role in creating a new future.  Includes training local leaders to facilitate future symposiums. (offered frequently- http://www.awakeningthedreamer.org/)
  • Seeds of Transition Study Groups – Weekly study groups to inspire, encourage and connect communities as they self-organize to create initiatives that rebuild resilience and reduce CO2 emissions.  Includes training local citizens to become a leading part of the movement. (http://www.transitionnetwork.org/)
  • Action Groups – Community groups with specific passions, focus and interest.  The groups offer local citizens an opportunity to get involved with meaningful local projects. (ie. food, water, shelter/building, economy, energy, waste management, natural resource management, transportation, politics, wellness/health, re-skilling, community visioning/planning & art)
  • Workshops & Training – Frequent community education (health, resilience & sustainability)
  • Monthly Social Gatherings – Fun monthly social events that includes inspiring & thought-provoking entertainment. (examples: Food & Film, Lunch & Letters @ the Coop, Transition Tuesdays, etc.)

Collaboration Coalition – Connecting existing communities, groups & organizations to facilitate communication, cooperation, collaboration and exchange.

  • Website, Calendar & Blog (discussion boards, events, informative & interactive)
  • Newsletter (highlighting activities, initiatives and accomplishments)
  • Networking Events (round-table discussions, Green Drinks, etc)

Living Labs – Research groups focused on human behaviors that are leading to our current challenges.

  • Observation
  • Research (via methodology, indicators, experimentation, etc)
  • Evidence-based solutions

Local Earth Festival – Annual celebration of community and nature; inspiring citizens of the world to create resilient local communities & healthy lifestyles.  A seven day festival of education and inspiration.

  • Workshops & Training – natural building, permaculture, music, art, health and yoga
  • Collaborative Design, Development & Building – Ecovillages, Community Resource Centers and Green Schools

Conscious Citizen Tools -Tools & resources that inspire members to be conscious consumers & caring citizens.

  • Local Earth Handbook: Step-by-step guide to starting a Local Earth Community Action Group.
  • Conscious Citizen Kit (minimize consumer waste): Reusable shopping bag, cup/coffee mug, bamboo bowl/cutlery etc.
  • Local Earth Daily Organizer: Simple daily organizer with easy steps of eco-action, inspiration & resources.
  • Children’s Books & Games:  Fun, creative & educational resources to inspire children about eco-consciousness & healthy lifestyles.

Professional Design Services – Professional architecture, design, city/urban planning & community development services.  Specialized in natural design & ecologic community development.

  • Ecovillage – Design/Build
  • Community Resource Center – Design/Build
  • Green School – Design/Build
  • Private Living Dwellings – Design/Build

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