1st Planning Meeting (April 25th, 6:00 PM People’s Coop)

First planning meeting April 25th (Thursday)

6:00 PM at People’s Coop

4765 Voltaire St, San Diego


Intention:  Bring together anyone in San Diego with an interest in planning, supporting and participating in the CommUNITY March for Healthy Food.

Objective:  Creating 3-5 actionable goals that we want to support as commUNITY to create a healthy and sustainable food system in San Diego.


Awareness  } \                                              //  Individual Action  \\

Education   } – >>>>>>>> ACTION >>> <&                          >>>>> Celebration!

Inspiration  } /                                              \\  Collective Action  //

Optimal health in relationship to…

  • self

  • community

  • planet/nature

Potential Action Committees

– Marketing/Promotion

– Press / Public Relations

– Green T-shirts or hats etc.

  • something that signifies people in the event that are Marching for Healthy Food – need logo design

– Communications/Dialogue with Monsanto

  • attempt to set up panel discussion with Monsanto representatives and food experts to support a positive discussion focused on finding common ground on things we as a community of San Diego are willing to work towards together

– Pro-active / Inter-active CommUNITY Performance

  • interactive performance of acro-yoga, dance and circus performance choreographed with fun actions and story of commUNITY working together to plant seeds and grow healthy food

Create list of organizations to invite and participate

  • San Diego Roots

  • Label GMO’s

  • Wild Willows

  • (all organic local farms)

  • Green Party SD

  • Growing with Purpose

  • GreenPeace

  • City Council

  • People’s Coop

  • Casa de Luz

  • Word Resource / Sim Center

  • Community Garden Network



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