‘GENETIC ROULETTE’ Screening (Friday, Feb 1st 7:00PM)

Join the Local Earth Collective for our monthly social on the 1st Friday of every month!  The theme for February is “Food”.  We will be gathering at the Lazy Hummingbird in Ocean Beach at 7:00 PM to eat & drink some yummy food and beverages… socialize and laugh with old friends… and get to know some new eco-minded friends in the community!  The Lazy Hummingbird serves tasty food and beverages… also please feel free to bring an organic vegetarian potluck item to share if you wish!

Link to trailer: http://youtu.be/Vv96D_ZURzs

At 8:00 PM we will be starting the film ‘GENETIC ROULETTE’.  “Genetic Roulette is a powerful, compelling indictment of the biotechnology industry’s genetically engineered food experiment that is being foisted on the American public. The film shows in disturbing detail the many health hazards of this potentially dangerous technology. Adding to the film’s power and hopeful message are the many testimonials from health professionals and individuals who describe the benefits of eating a non-GMO diet. All Americans who are concerned about the foods they eat should see this film.” – Ken Roseboro, editor and publisher, The Organic & Non-GMO Report and The Non-GMO Sourcebook, and author of Genetically Altered Foods and Your Health.

The film is about 90 minutes, around 9:30 PM we will discuss the film and local projects that we can support as a community to create a more healthy & sustainable local food system.

This is a ‘leave a positive trace’ event and we ask that every possible effort is made to create no waste… so please use reusable containers for food and beverages… the Earth thanks you!!!

Event Details
Friday – February 1st, 7-10PM
The Lazy Hummingbird Coffee & Tea House
4876 Santa Monica Avenue,  San Diego, CA 92107


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