THANK YOU commUNITY for a beautyFULL celebration!

Dear commUNITY,

From the bottom of my heart… THANK YOU for SHOWING UP and sharing in the creation and experience of commUNITY.  This event touched my heart… the most real way it was touched, was by YOU showing up to support one another … and supporting our COMMON GOAL of creating a healthy and happy planet.

I was AWWWEED by the generous and beautiful human spirit that I witnessed in the creation of this event, and in the experience of the event itself.  It is an honor to work with all of you, and to support one another in our community.  WE all ROSE to the occasion to share positive vibes with one another… and inspired many people in the community with fresh ideas and ways to get involved in positive projects.  I had so many people express what an amazing and uplifting time they had… people danced together, got their hands in the soil together, built a compost bin together, planted seeds with children, practiced yoga, laughed, smiled, hugged and experienced commUNITY!  This is because YOU showed UP to help make this event happen… and participated in this event with your positive, loving vibe!

I am so grateful to all of you.  I commit to serving you, this community and world in way I can that inspires positive, healthy and loving change.  I offer the support and resources of Local Earth as an organization towards anything and anyone working to create a healthy and happy future for ALL on planet Earth.  I feel that ANYTHING is POSSIBLE when WE work TOGETHER in cooperation, collaboration, creativity, compassion, love and passion towards shared common goals that support ALL BEINGS & OUR ENVIRONMENT!

ONE love & infinite gratitude,
Joshua & the Local Earth Team