~~~Tsunami~~~of~~~Love~~~ OCCUPY yOUR HEART


A celebration and convergence around pure food, our Right to Know when Genetically Modified Organisms or GMOs are in our foods in California. We are going to celebrate the Right to Know.

Rally to Party!


Click here to see the ROUTE

Start at Balboa Park 2024 8th Drive Balboa Park (Rainbow Drum Circle)

Bring drums, pots pans, signage, flags, anything to make music, art, and a positive impact and get ready to dance or stroll our way down to San Diego Convention Center – Amphitheater on the bay side.

When? Saturday Aug 25th


1:30-3pm– Gather in Balboa Park

3:15-5pm – “Walk” to the San Diego Convention Center – Embarcadero/Bayside – Convene at Amphitheater for Gathering of Sacred Seeds as the Enchanted Gardner aka Leslie Goldman recites a poem to drum beats.

5pm-10am– After Hours at Wholistic Expo: $15 pre-sale; $20 door (A percentage of the ticket sales bought under local earth’s name will go to Local Earth projects).

Get your tickets below!

This corn is fishy!


Please consider signing the petition, 7.5 Million + 2 to pledge your vote to the Labeling of GMOs in our food this November 6th and get a discount for the Wholistic Expo ($25 ticket for $5!!! – enter in “sacredseed”).

7.5 Million + 2 Votes is the number of votes it will take to get a Yes on Prop 37, November 6th to have GMO’s Labeled in California.

Click to play this Smilebox scrapbook

Join the Caravan to the National Heirloom [Seed] Expo with Lesile Goldman who is helping kids to Grow A Healthier Pizza, after all the FDA considers it a vegetable for school lunches! See the smilebox with the messages from Leslie Goldman, complied by Torah Torres and backed with a lovely song Seeds of Peace by Stephen Longfellow Fiske.


*This is a celebration, not a protest. Please keep in mind this is an ad hoc gathering with no central responsible party with the intention of a non-antagonistic activity, please keep that to heart when participating. This is intended to be a positive and peaceful celebration, you are responsible for your personal actions. Please respect all laws and regulations of the City of San Diego and to all the property you are on. This includes obeying traffic and any local regulations.

Local Earth, Re3-Generation or any of it’s actors, partners or associates are not responsible for any damage or loss, physical, financial, emotional that participation in this event may to anybody or anything.

Please contact info (at) re3-generation (dot) com if you would like to plug in as an individual/business/organization, we want this rally to bring energy back to the organizations that bring energy to the event and San Diego about the Right to Know.

Participating Organizations:

Click here to to get your ticket to the Tsunami of Love After Party it’s going to be cosmic!


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