San Diego Collective / 5-22 Update

a little update/overview from last nights gathering… (once again… thanks for sharing your commUNITY spirit & creativity!)

Local Earth Collective Poster – for next weeks Soular Powered event : next Tuesday we will be meeting at People’s as usual… we will try to meet at first in the community room @ 6:30 if it is not occupied by another group… then we will most likely migrate out front, outside by the benches to work on our Local Earth poster for the Soular Powered event next Wednesday (

We invite you and friends to bring your creativity and any ‘earthy’ materials you would like to add to the poster. We are looking for a cool piece of scrap wood (flat and somewhat smooth) for the base of the poster… and then anything else earthy you think may go well on the display (ie. wildflowers, pinecones, shells, wood etc.). We would greatly appreciate bringing any miscelanious extra supplies you may have… paints, glue, glue guns, brushes, markers etc.

The overall vision/intention of the poster/display is connecting community in a fun, sustainable and celebratory fashion! Optimal health in relationship to self, community & nature!

Local Earth Collective Membership: we discussed a simple 1$ per month LE membership fee. In the discussion we felt like it may support the feeling of really being part of the collective and contributing. At first this would not really generate much $$’s, yet it may provide us with a few dollars for simple little projects… or we could save and put towards a larger project. Also, there are something like 4 million people in this general area… think of the possibilities of the Local Earth Collective becoming even a small percentage of that?! We could actually raise a decent amount of $$’s for great community projects!!!

Local Earth Collective T-shirts – We have been discussing many t-shirt ideas for around a year or so now. Let’s make this happen! We’ve gotta start thinking about how many we think we should make in the first go’round. What are the best/most sustainable materials and processes we can use? Let’s put our collective thinking caps on and come up with a game plan to create some swweeeeet t-shirts!

Local Earth Collective – CommUNITY H’art Project – We have done 2 of these thus far… we get a BIG peace of blank canvas (8×10 foot or so)… we meet up at a friends art studio… with some tea, music and paintbrushes… and let the collective creativity flow! we just set some overall intention and inspiration for the art peace… and then as communty co-create whatever flows thru… whatever it is we want to share! We will start thinking about dates and potential venues for this project soon!

Love & Gratitude to you all!



People’s Transition

We invite anyone and everyone in the San Diego area who is interested in creating a healthy and sustainable community to join us every Tuesday (6:30 PM) at People’s Co-op in the community room.

We are currently in the process of creating a simple grassroots community organizing platform called the Community Resilience Program.  We want this program to be co-created by the collective wisdom and creativity of our local community!  This means we NEED YOU and YOUR WISDOM!  WE believe in the COLLECTIVE!  POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

The Weekly Transition is a perfect way to get involved in our local community!  Join a creative team of active citizens working to create a healthy, happy, and sustainable world!

Welcome to the Local Earth Collective… Welcome Home!

Location: People’s Coop (Ocean Beach)
4765 Voltaire Street, San Diego, 92107 (please do not park in the parking lot so shopping customers can park there… or buy some yummy food to bring to the gathering!)
Time:  Every Tuesday @ 6:30 PM
Contact: Josh Alvord (