Local Earth News ~ February

The Local Earth team wishes you an amazing 2012 filled with community celebration, health, happiness & sustainability!

Upcoming Community Events (Calendar)

Food & Film (Saturday, February 11th – 4:00 PM / IC Gardens Vista)
Join us and our friends from Ecofficiency.org who will be presenting “2012: A Time for Change” – An uplifting documentary by writer and producer Daniel Pinchbeck; with a focus on the opportunity for a consciousness shift and solutions to help transform our current society into a more self-sustaining culture.

Transition Town Study Group (8 week study group beginning February 15th – Vista)
Welcome to ‘Seeds of Transition’!  We help support, organize, coordinate and facilitate weekly Transition Town study groups.  The focus is creating sustainable, resilient and localized communities that are less dependent on fossil fuels.

Transition Tuesdays (weekly)
A casual and fun evening of discussion about the health & resilience of the local community. This is held at fun public location where participants can enjoy a snack, tea, coffee or beer while discussing local projects & issues.

Awakening the Dreamer Symposium (March 25th – Vista Library)
Another symposium coming up at the Vista Library – 700 Eucalyptus Avenue.  It is a free 4-5 hour multi-media, fun, practical, philosophical, and inspiring look at our place in the world.  Completely free, nothing for sale, and not religious.

Local Earth Festival
This March begins the first chapter of the Local Earth Festival in Costa Rica (March 2013)!  A portion of our team will be spending the month of March scouting out the site and logistics for next years festival!  This is an exciting new project that is just beginning… our logistics/planning team is currently forming.  If you are interested please contact us!

Updates of recent community action…

We completed our 2nd Transition Town Study group.  Around 20 amazing folks came together every Tuesday night to discuss local issues of community resilience, health and sustainability.  Our first community action group sprouted from this study group; check out theLocal Economy group!  The Buena Vista Watershed group also sprang from this gathering.

We completed our 1st Treekaya Roots Immersion (Organic Gardening & Composting Workshop).  Mark Boyko – ‘Papa Earth’ guided 10 community members in preparing healthy organic soil, planting basics, efficient irrigation systems & various composting methods.

We hosted several fun community gatherings with great organic local food, thought provoking films & inspiring discussion!  We also facilitated our first Awakening the Dreamer Symposium!

If you would like to receive updates of community projects and activities please see our website! (www.localearthsandiego.org)  If you click the little button over on the side ‘Join Local Earth’… you will automatically be notified of upcoming events.

Thank you so much for all you are… and all you do to help make San Diego such an amazing community!  Let us become a progressive global leader in local communities that live with intention and respect; to the Earth and one another. “We are the one’s we’ve been waiting for” – Hopi Elders.

Wishing you a beautiful February full of Love!
The Local Earth San Diego Team


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