Local Earth Monthly Gathering – See Calendar for Details

Join us for a fun, casual and inspiring afternoon/evening of delicious locally grown food, ecologically conscious conversation and thought provoking film!  Meet like-minded friends in the community… share ideas… share laughs… and share yummy food!  Each month’s film will be in some way guided towards creating healthy and resilient local communities.

If you can’t make it for the potluck, join us for the film… or vice-versa.  The first several hours of the afternoon/evening is social/potluck time; after which we will begin the film.  This is a ‘leave a positive trace’ event, so we kindly ask that everyone brings their own reusable cutlery, plate and drinking containers.  Our intention is that these gatherings inspire positive social change and create no waste.  We also ask that a sincere effort is made to bring vegetarian dishes that are created with locally sourced organic ingredients.  We want to eliminate as many ‘food miles’ and chemically/petroleum-based pesticides as possible.  We look forward to celebrating local community resilience with you!

This Month’s Details

Date/Time/Location: See Calendar for Details


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